7 Steps to Creating your 1st Sales Funnel

sales funnelYour first sales funnel when put together properly can be a powerful tool. So how can you create that first sales funnel?

1.  Examine who you are now and where you want to be tomorrow.

Think about it. Talk it out among your associates and mentors. It might take you an hour or it might take you a week to find the answers.

2. Identify your target market and the problems they need answers to.

You can waste your time calling up prospects and telling them about your business,or you can target your market with a functioning sales funnel. You need to know who your prospects are and properly relate to them. You need to know who they are and what they want. Then you can proficiently target them with products that provide solutions. When you are communicating on the same level you’ll enjoy success.

3. Set up a lead capture page (an opt in page or squeeze page).

Once you know who your market is, you won’t have any trouble creating a strong capture page. Make sure your headline shows your personality and what people need to know about you. The heart of any sales funnel is to find common ground and then work from there.  Be sure your  free offer provides relevant information and folks will gladly join your list/

4. Create your sales page.

The sales page ties to the capture page. It’s here where you’ll have to make some decisions. If you can narrow down what your  prospects want, you can target your sales page to meet that want or need.  By running a very targeted campaign you can save yourself time. Use a good writer and you can significantly convert your conversion rate.

5.  Create your newsletter.

Once you have your first 4 steps in place, you need to get a newsletter rolled out before you start campaign one. Provide information that educates and tells those receiving the newsletter why to choose you. Target your newsletter in the same manner you target other traffic.

6. Drive Traffic

Now comes the real work of the marketer.   You need to get people in front of your offer using a variety of methods.  These include but are not limited to:  article marketing, classified ads, ezine ads, free giveaway events, pay-per-click and other types of traffic.

7. The Campaign

Now you are ready for your campaign. Begin sending traffic to the beginning of your sales funnel, the lead capture page, and the process will work from there. While there is plenty more to building a successful sales funnel, these seven steps will get you started onto your   road to success.

I hope this gives you a quick overview of the sales funnel. Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

To your Success,

Doyle Gamblin


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15 Ways to Make Money from home as a Writer – Part 3

15 ways to make money at home as a writerWe have come to the last installment in our series on “15 Ways to Make Money from Home As a Writer.”  I hope this provides some ideas for you to create your work at home business.

Speech writer

Writing a speech is another way to get income. This is doubly so if you have an intimate knowledge of the subject is more involved.

A political speech may be what you think of when you think about writing a speech, but there is a need for speech-writers in the private sector i.e. a company president or CEO.

Writing ad copy for an online store

Look at all the physical Amazon products, in addition to books. Each of these items should have written ad copy, right? On a smaller scale, there are thousands of online mom and pop online stores. They need good copy for each of their items as well.

In case you were impressed with (or even see) 2 or 3 sentences that describe the product written in the catalog, it can be a breadwinner who will interest you.

Technical writer

There is a need for writers to write user guides, product manuals, white papers, workbooks, design specifications, technical specifications, and the like. Every industry needs a technical writer.

Companies are looking for technical writers knowledgeable in various fields. This includes both research and writing.

Writing physical books

This idea may sound like a daunting and expensive venture, but the field is changed. You no longer write a novel and paper your bathroom with a notice of rejection before you find someone who will publish it. You do not need to take a chance with a traditional self-publishing and adventure if you can sell all the copies.

Now you can use CreateSpace, which will list your book on Amazon and print a copy on request. Of course, they get a percentage of your sales, but it might be worth to you. Also you do not need to market your book; Amazon will do it for you.

You can also put your books on Amazon Kindle, which gives customers a choice of either a physical printed book or a digital format for Kindle.

Ghost tweeter

Social media is a big deal for online or offline marketers as it creates another way to spread their marketing messages. Twitter is a popular social media used by many successful marketers. The problem though, is that many marketers do not have enough time to keep up with it and tweet regularly.

Some marketers are hiring writers to tweet for them. Tweeting can include: short tips, providing a link to a new blog post, informing people of a new survey. retweeting other related tweets, and the list goes on.

Ghost tweeters should tweet on a regular basis, as well as generate ideas on for tweets.

Online Association

Maybe you are an expert in a particular field, or you have a great passion about it. If there are others who are also passionate about the topic, you can start a relationship online with a blog or a static site.

Your association can enter some information that is free or subscription based for members only. An online associate is also a good platform to sell related ebooks, physical books, training, and other products.

Stay tuned for as we discuss more work at home opportunities.

As always comments are welcome.

To your Success,

Doyle Gamblin

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15 Ways to Make Money From Home as a Writer – Part 2

Article marketing for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling another marketer’s products and earning a percentage every time you sell the product. That can mean having a website presence where you showcase other products. For example, if you have a wedding site which shows Amazon wedding books for sale, you are an affiliate marketer for Amazon and will earn money if someone clicks on the wedding books and makes a purchase.

Article marketing means writing articles and submitting them to article directories in order to bring readers, also known as traffic, back to your website so they will hopefully buy. EzineArticles.com is the biggest article directory. The way it works is you write an article and include a short bio at the bottom with a link to your site. Other website owners can post your article on their sites and must include your bio with the link to your site. That way your article gets spread around and more people see it, which in turn means more people can potentially click on your link and possibly purchase through you.

You’ll find there is a “fine art” to this, but the more articles you write and submit, the more traffic it should bring to your site.

Marketers need good salescopy for their products and are willing to pay good money for it. Well-written copy can be the difference between making a few dollars and making thousands. If you study copywriting and hone your craft, you can make a nice living.

There is a lot that goes into writing salescopy that sells, but the better you are, the more money you can command.

Creating products
Someone with writing skills might do well with writing their own ebooks. The key is to figure out what topics people are willing to spend money on and write about them. There is obviously more involved – you’ll need at least a simple site to sell your ebook from, and you’ll need to spend time marketing your ebook(s).

Write what people are buying => Put up a sales page website =>
Set up an automatic payment delivery system with PayPal =>
Get traffic => Make sales.

Part 3 will be coming soon.

For more information on your home based business skills, take the survey click on the banner below.

Talk to you soon.

To Your Success,

Doyle Gamblin

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15 Ways to Make Money From Home as a Writer – Part 1

Writing from home is an easy way to start an online presence. All that is required are basic writing skills, a computer program such as Open Office and some time.  Over the next couple of posts, I want to look at some ways for you to create an income using your writing skills.

  • Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is someone who is hired to write for another person. A ghostwriter stays in the background, like a ghost, and allows the person who hired them to put their own name on the finished piece of written work. You might think of a ghostwriter as someone behind the scenes who writes autobiographies for well-known stars, but there are lots more ghostwriting opportunities on a much smaller scale.

Many Internet marketers don’t have the desire, time, or skill to write their own online ebooks, so they hire ghostwriters to do it. Ebook lengths vary, but can typically be from 20 to 75 pages or more.
Ghostwriters also pen articles and short reports for marketers who are looking for original content to add to their websites or blog. In addition, they will write press releases upon request.


  • Rewrite articles

Rewriting articles sometimes is considered an additional duty performed by a ghostwriter, but it can be a stand alone business. There are non-writers who will pay to have original or private label rights articles, reports or ebooks rewritten. These are articles the client has already purchased, but the client wants different slant or wants a unique article created out of what they purchased.


  • Blogger for hire

It seems funny that someone would go to all the trouble to start a blog and then not write any of their own blog posts, doesn’t it? The truth is, many marketers have several blogs and they make money from them by selling ad space, physical products, or affiliate digital products. These marketers are not blogging on one blog that’s all about their passion, and they typically don’t have the desire or time to keep the blog up. This is why they hire others to write their blog posts. They hire bloggers and pay them by the piece, or have a contract with them for a certain number of posts per week and then pay them monthly.


  • Paid to post

Oftentimes the blog owner will also request that the writer not only write the content, but post it on the blog each time. This requires learning how to add the post to the blog, but it’s not at all hard to do.

At other times, the blog owner may already have the content, sometimes purchased in a bundle, and will pay someone to do the posting on the blog in a certain time frame, such as daily or three times per week.


  • PLR writer

PLR stands for private label rights and it refers to articles that are written and then sold a number of times. These articles are typically sold for about $1 a page, in bundles of 5-10 articles, and are sold anywhere from 50-100 times. Some PLR writers will sell their PLR bundles an unlimited number of times. If you build up a name for yourself as a quality PLR writer, you could stand to make more money than a ghostwriter of articles.

Some PLR writers also create informational, or digital, products and sell them as PLR to many customers. There are other PLR mediums too, such as video, audio, software and graphics.

When a writer sells his work as PLR, that means he is giving the purchasers the right to change the PLR article or product anyway they’d like. This is attractive to many Internet marketers.


  • Write for InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel.com offers the chance to write what you want to write about. The writer submits her articles and they get published on InfoBarrel’s website so there is no need for the writer to have her own website.

InfoBarrel shows Google AdSense ads on your pages and whenever a reader clicks thru any of these ads, the site makes money. The writer makes a percentage of the AdSense money earned. So the more you write, the more money you can make. This work is probably better suited as supplementary income rather than primary income.


These 6 methods listed above are just a few of the ways to make money using your talents as a writer.  We’ll look at several others in the next few days.

By the way, if you have not taken the survey “Is a Home Based Business Right for You?”, please download it now.  Take a few mnutes and work through the questions.  The answers will help you in deciding if working at home is the right thing for you.

To Your Success

Doyle Gamblin

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See you there.

To Your Success,

Doyle Gamblin



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Is A Home Based Business Right for you?


Working at home is a huge dream for many people, coming a close second to winning the lottery. These people can see themselves living themselves living an awesome life while making an excellent income. This dream also involves doing something with passion and creativity that may be lacking in their “real” job. These folks want to feel creative, successful, and fulfilled in their work.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind are the perks of having a home based business:

  • You are your own boss. You don’t have to deal with a grouchy boss or coworkers who drive you crazy with their complaints or attitudes. Being boss also gives you the opportunity to pursue your creative thoughts and dreams and make them a reality.


  • You are no longer a slave to a time clock. You can set the hours that work for you. If you are a morning person, you can get up early and get a lot of things done before the interruptions of family and friends begin. If your most productive time is in the afternoon, you can sleep late, eat a leisurely breakfast, and then work. After all, you control your work schedule.


  • No traffic. This is a big deal for many people, especially me. I live in the biggest city in the southeastern United States where traffic is mind numbing. Not a day goes by that there is not a traffic jam somewhere on our freeway system. Road rage is a common thing in our city. There is a lot of wear and tear on my personal vehicle and on my nerves.


  • You can wear whatever you want. No suits, ties, sportcoats, dresses or pantyhose, unless you want to.


  • No more office drama. Do you have “drama queen (or king)” where you work now. If so, you know the relief you feel when that person is out for a day. The gossip can drive you insane. You never know if you are boing to be stabbed in the back or be the current subject of gossip.


  • No more daycare. If you are a parent of young children, you may feel that someone else is raising your children, not you. Now you can rear your children the way you choose and be the prime influence in their young lives. You also won’t have to miss the important milestones in your child’s lives.


These are some of the important benefits of a home based business. Yes, these may seem a dream now, but they can become a reality if working at home is right for you.

Now the questions are:

  • How do you know if you are suited to operate a home based business?”
  • If you are, then what type of business do you want to start and run on a daily basis?”


For answers to the first question, click here to take a survey that will help you in making this important decision. Then in the days to come we will try to answer the second question.

To your success,

Doyle Gamblin

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Things That Make a Perfect Squeeze Page

Building the perfect squeeze page is easy when you use the right elements to build it. Here are some things that every squeeze page should have to insure success.

Professional Graphics

When you begin your squeeze page, be sure that you use professionally designed graphics. The graphics include your header, your footer, your background and any images of any free ebooks, videos, or products that you may give away. If the page is attractive, people will linger and view your offer.

Irresistable Free Offer

Everyone likes to receive free items, especially offers that give valuable free information. An ebook, small report, limited membership to a site or service are types of offers that people like to receive. In the information provider business, videos or audios that offer how-to demonstrations are extremely popular.

Bullet Points that Show Benefits

We all want to know what benefits we will receive if we give our name and email address. If there is no benefit for the person, then there will be no sign-up for the offer.

Well Designed Sign-up Box

A sign-up box that looks good and fits with the graphics will draw people to give their names and email addresses. Most people will not respond if there is no place on the page to give the information requested. No one wants to send their name and email address to a blind email address.

Contact Information

For added peace of mind, put a link to contact you on your squeeze page. This link can open in a new window with an email program or be pasted into the recipient box on a web-based email service. People feel better about giving out their names and email addresses if there is a way to contact the business or person promoting the web page.

Professional Autoresponder Service

To build your mailing list and to be certain that your prospective customers are receiving the information requested, use a professional autoresponder service. The money spent on the service will more than offset the time and money lost by trying to use a self-administered program. Invest in the professional service and your prospective customers will see appreciate your business or service much more.

So go ahead and design your squeeze page. Be sure that all the elements described above are on your page. You see results quickly from your efforts.

To Your Online Success,

Doyle Gamblin

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The Tools I Use in My Online Business


I read an article a short time ago from a good internet marketer that mentioned some of the tools that he used daily in his business. His article made me think about the tools I use on a daily basis and are necessary for my business to operate smoothly.

The first tool is a free tool that helps when I create articles for my blogs and information products for my business. The product is Open Office and it replaces Microsoft Office very well. You can download the latest version by visiting this link. Open Office contains Writer, Math, Draw, Impress and other tools that work just as well as MS Office, without the large price tag.

The second tool I use is Filezilla. It is an FTP program that is used to move files from my computer desktop to my web server. It is easy to use and works effectively when moving files between your computer and your web host. It can be downloaded for free at Filezilla.org

The next tool that I use is my HTML editor by Coffecup. I own the retail version, but a free trial version is available at CoffeeCup.com. Two free HTML editors are NVU and Pagebreeze. You will find any of these editors useful in creating and modifying sales pages, download pages and squeeze pages.

These are the main tools that I use in my business. I hope that you will find this list useful in your business.

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Tips for New Marketers